Incredible Vision:#YoungIncredibles

A Vision Without Work Is DEAD!


Incredible Vision Weekend: Cultivating Incredible Women #YoungIncredibles


It is imperative that sisterhood is intergenerational and that others are lifted as some climb.

This half day event will help to kick-start defining goals and a vision for 2019. This intimate black woman sisterhood environment will allow young women to connect with successful, relatable women to get advice, ignite ideas and help map out next steps to help ensure 2019 is great.

During the vision weekend (on Sunday only), we will allow young women (#youngincredibles) less than 25 of age to participate in very honest dialogue in a real, raw and relatable environment focusing on career, passion and life advice. The #youngincredibles will be able to ask questions and discuss various topics and receive personalised, priceless advice. This will provide them with support to help them get a jump start on defining their own passion(s) and purpose. It is important to allow an opportunity for young women to stand on the shoulders of women who can help them along their path!

The experienced women (called the #ClassOfIncredibles) range across industries such as finance/business, marketing, beauty, international development and entrepreneurs.



Young Incredibles will:

  • Participate in group discussions and receive advice on various topics

  • Receive lunch, snacks and beverages

  • Connect with successful women across varied industries

  • Be in safe, accountable and sisterhood environment

What you need:

  • An open mind and desire to living a more focused and goal infused purposeful life

    • A willingness to contribute in a space with other like-minded women that promotes honesty and promotes honesty and sisterhood

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