Incredible Vision: #ClassOfIncredibles

A Vision Without Work Is DEAD!


Incredible Vision Weekend: Cultivating Incredible Women #ClassOfIncredibles


There is a need to go beyond a day's event of putting together a vision board. This weekend that will help to kick-start defining goals and a vision for 2019. This intimate sisterhood supported environment will encourage you to explore “your why” and facilitate workshops that will not only help to create and define your vision but, to provide meaningful steps and ideas to start actually “doing the work” to achieving your goals in 2019.


Towards the latter part of the weekend, there will also be an opportunity to connect with young women (#youngincredibles) age less than 25 to provide real, raw perspective on life and give advice.  This will provide them with support to help them get a jump start on defining their own passion. It is imperative that sisterhood is intergenerational and that others are lifted as we climb.



Class of Incredibles will receive:

  • Accommodation for 2 days, 1 night

  • Meals and beverages

  • Vision board supplies (less magazines)

  • 3 Facilitated workshops covering topics of vision, self-development, fitness, and finance

  • A safe, accountable and sisterhood environment

  • Welcome package

What you need:

  • An open mind and desire to living a more focused and goal infused purposeful life

    • A willingness to contribute in a space with other like-minded women that promotes honesty and promotes honesty and sisterhood

  • Magazines (or other resources desired) for creating a vision board

Pictures from prior year's event. Click on an image to enlarge.

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