Incredible Sistershoots

Sisterhood of the Passport Stamps

Updated: Jan 21, 2019

Sisterhood Inspired By: Nic

Location: LONDON

American + Canadian Expats. Passport Stampers.

The originals. Those who first understood and agreed to help showcase my sisterhood. These women have stood in the gap of making a home away from home bearable and thrilling. They inspire me to go after my wildest dreams, sharpen my iron and explore the world.

At the time of the shoot, all of the ladies were American and Canadian expats living and working full-time in London. Some were there for less than a year while others were citizens. The reasons varied (work, love or school) for why they decided to cross the Atlantic but one thing will be forever: we flew, we stamped, we conquered. This sisterhood is sealed with passport stamps.

Ladies, I love you and you are INCREDIBLE.

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